Naturally endowed with a geologically rich and aesthetically pleasing environment, Calistoga, California is the ultimate locale for visitors seeking a soothing, high-quality mud bath. Millions of years ago, powerful geologic activity coated the surrounding area with a thick, plentiful layer of rich volcanic soil, also forming a plethora of luxurious hot springs and geysers in the process. These factors combine to produce an unparalleled spa experience that is not only soothing and natural, but is also a time-honored relaxation method used by countless civilizations throughout history.
Mud BathWhat's in a Mud Bath?
- Learn about the native Wappo Indians and how they invented the first Calistoga mud baths. Discover how the famous Calistoga mud baths were commercialized shortly after the Gold Rush by mixing volcanic ash and warm spring water . . .

How to take a mud bathAll About Calistoga Mud Baths - Regardless of the Calistoga spa destination you select, mud bath treatments usually follow a general process. The first ten to twelve minutes are spent immersed in a pool of warm mud, kept at or above a comfortable 100 degrees Farenheit . . .

How to take a mud bathHow To Take a Mud Bath - Regardless of the Calistoga spa destination you select, mud bath treatments usually follow a general process. The first ten to twelve minutes are spent immersed in a pool of warm mud, kept at or above a comfortable 100 degrees Farenheit. This experience makes for a completely unique spa treatment, in that you actually achieve a feeling of near-weightlessness

Volcanic Mud BathWhat is a Volcanic Ash Mud Bath? - Two to six million years ago, a series of volcanic eruptions formed the region of California that encompasses Calistoga. The leftover volcanic ash from these eruptions, mixed with natural mineral water from local springs, is the key ingredient for . . .

Spas and Resorts

Golden Haven SpaGolden Haven Hot Springs
- Nestled in the heart of the Napa Valley, in the beautiful town of Calistoga, Golden Haven Hot Springs makes the perfect wine country getaway. Come and experience the magic of the healing mineral waters and rejuvenating spa treatments. After a day of touring the wine country, you can swim in our warm mineral pool . . .

Mount View Hotel & SpaMount View Hotel & Spa - The Mt View Wellness Spa truly makes relaxation an art. This top-rated spa is the perfect place to relax during your wine country adventure in Legendary Napa Valley. From facials, massage, body wraps, and hydrotherapy baths, the Mount View Spa menu offers everything you need to relax . . .

             Featured Spa From the City of Napa

St. Pierre SpaSt. Pierre Massage and Spa Even when you first walk through the doors of St. Pierre Massage and Spa, you will be delighted by the sense of refreshment, relaxation, and calm ambience that seems to encompass the entire environment. From the décor to the treatments to the customer service; everything at St. Pierre is centered on accommodating . . . More details

                     More Spas From Calistoga

SpaSpacerA Healing Place Combining traditional therapeutic and deep-tissue massage with the new concept of “energy healing”, A Healing Place offers a unique experience that both repairs the body and soothes the soul. Many of the . . .
SpaSpacerLincoln Avenue Spa Behind an elegant stone entrance lies a wonderland of elegance and pampering for the discriminating traveler. For two decades, Lincoln Avenue spa has been satisfying its' customers with its' lovely selection of therapeutic . . .
SpaSpacerSpa Solage Voted the #1 Spa in the Americas and Caribbean and the #10 Spa in the World, Spa Solage puts a whole new twist on traditional mud bath therapy by incorporating all the senses of the human body to revitalize you from the inside . . .

SpacerDr. Wilkinson's Hot Springs Resort A Napa Valley vacation simply isn't complete without a visit to the original Calistoga resort and spa. This establishment was originally founded by John “Doc” Wilkinson – the chiropractor famous for unlocking . . .
Indian Springs Resort This hotel and spa is bringing new life to the phrase 'natural healing' with its' defining feature – an Olympic-sized pool filled with heated mineral waters. This water is aptly called the “heart and soul” of Indian Springs, giving the facility a warm, paradisiacal feel. It is derived straight from
Calistoga Spa Hot Springs Located right in the heart of the charming Napa Valley town for which it is named, Calistoga Spas Hot Springs is a haven of refreshment and relaxation right on the doorstep of wine country. This establishment
combines . . .

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