Facials are one of the most sought-after spa treatments available, second only to massage therapy. They are meant to hydrate and nourish the skin, while also exfoliating and cleaning deep within the pores. Because of this, they are sometimes called “deep-cleansing facials” or “deep-pore cleansing.”

Facials are administered using a few basic steps. First, the face area is gently cleansed with cotton pads or sponges, which are soaked with a skin product chosen to suit your particular skin type. The esthetician then covers your eyes so that they may perform an in-depth analysis of your skin, using an ultra-bright magnifying lamp that makes various skin conditions more visible.

After your skin has been assessed, a mechanical or chemical exfoliant will then be applied, along with a bit of steam vapor that will be directed at your face. Chemical peels can be added to the process as well, though they are considered an optional ‘upgrade’ amenity.

If you request it, or if the esthetician deems it necessary, they may extract blackheads or whiteheads from your skin. In some cases, the extraction may be slightly uncomfortable depending on the type of skin you have. However, this is impossible to determine, as individuals usually have different levels of pain tolerance for extraction.

Facial massage is then administered using classic methods. This serves a dual purpose of relaxing you, while stimulating your skin and facial muscles at the same time. Once your skin has been adequately prepared, cleaned, and massaged, a face mask attuned to your individual skin type is applied, after which an esthetician will administer a scalp massage or another spa treatment.

Golden Haven SpaGolden Haven Hot Springs
- Nestled in the heart of the Napa Valley, in the beautiful town of Calistoga, Golden Haven Hot Springs makes the perfect wine country getaway. Come and experience the magic of the healing mineral waters and rejuvenating spa treatments. After a day of touring the wine country, you can swim in our warm mineral . . .

Mount View Hotel & SpaMount View Hotel & Spa - The Mt View Wellness Spa truly makes relaxation an art. This top-rated spa is the perfect place to relax during your wine country adventure in Legendary Napa Valley. From facials, massage, body wraps, and hydrotherapy baths, the Mount View Spa menu offers everything you need to relax . . .

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St. Pierre SpaSt. Pierre Massage and Spa Even when you first walk through the doors of St. Pierre Massage and Spa, you will be delighted by the sense of refreshment, relaxation, and calm ambience that seems to encompass the entire environment. From the décor to the treatments to the customer service; everything at . . . More details

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